It's high time your faves career got flushed down Beyonce's gold-plated toilet.
That Capital B means she 'bout that life

Ctrl+C Perry just can’t seem to come up with a single idea. But instead of her usual target, Mr. Gaga, this time Kopycat has come for the powdered wig she WON’T get a yank on in the form of the true Killer Queen, Mrs. Knowles-Carter. While Beysus’ wig may have been spun by Himalayan spider-monkeys for 3 years for her 1-minute Mrs. Carter tour ad (a multi-million grossing tour the likes of which Katy McKee will NEVER see with her 12-year old Lisa Frank fanbase), Ms. Skerry’s DOLLAR TREE wig she powdered with Dr. Luke’s dried cum was a last-second idea as usual. Krusty didn’t think anyone would catch her, but the ENTIRE internet is out for her now, and she’ll have to answer for her BLATANT copying to the Queen of the Illuminati herself. Good luck heaux, you should’ve stayed by the gloryhole at the Capitol Records office where you belong INSTEAD of reaching for the scraps off Beyonce’s gold-plated dishes. Your fate is signed, sealed, and delivered on a diaper of PRINCESS Blue Ivy and you can expect it in the mail within 1-2 days.

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